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"An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all."

-Oscar Wilde

Rhys’ acting journey begins with A Play Fitted. He joined the company back in 2017 with little experience but a natural talent and an immense passion. He was given his first professional role in a Murder Mystery and has been performing with the company ever since. Throughout his first three years with the company he has studied and trained with A Play Fitted, learning from his fellow actors. In 2019 Rhys co-wrote and co-produced Malice in Wonderland, an Alice In Wonderland inspired Murder Mystery which received rave reviews. Outside of the company Rhys is a keen poet and bass player who is fully indulging himself in the world of creativity. He is currently taking on a bigger creative role within the company, helping to plan and write more plays as well as performing more complex roles.

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